GolfMechanix Universal Loft and Lie Bending Gauge-GM1039

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The GolfMechanix Universal Loft and Lie Bending Gauge measures and bends woods, irons, hybrids and putters with brilliance!

Based on the original metalwood bending gauge we introduced to the industry when Drivers and Fairways forged from CP4-Ti were popular.

The new design is built on the 24/36 variable geometry frame of our highly evolved 1509xx series. This arrangement sits the clamped club with the hosel upright, making the club easier to work with and improves bending accuracy.

We also paid particular attention to the means and methods of clamping a thin shelled driver without crushing them when subjecting them to high bending and clamping stress. Our solution led us to develop a new 2 piece set clamp that uses molding putty to conform to any driver shape. The bottom clamp supports the vulnerable clubhead sole and prevents it from being scratched and damaged while the rear clamp secures the club head in place during bending.

The use of custom molds to bend drivers is common practice with OEM's and casting houses, and the best method we know of that's well suited for this job.

Irons and hybrids also benefited from the same attention resulting in an improved adaptive kinematic clamping system that does not damage the finish found on most clubheads.

Key Features:

  • Specifically designed for handling a wide range of club-head
  • Dual clamping arrangement for woods, irons and hybrids
  • Interchangeable soling pads, face pads and clamps
  • Re-usable dam set for producing unlimited number of moulds
  • 24/38 clubhead setup offers all the advantages and none of the drawbacks of a fixed setup system ( hybrids & woods)
  • Lie & Loft protractor mounted on a double stage short stroke linear bearing assembly.
  • Adjustable height protractor takes care of long hosels
  • Positive engagement of shaft when measuring.
  • Protractor has reading accuracy of 0. 5 degree or better.
  • Bolts onto all the golfmechanix stands and swivel heads.
  • Bending bars sold seperately