Graphite Design Tour AD HD Graphite Wood Shafts

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Graphite Design introduces the latest in the Tour AD premium line of golf shafts, the Graphite Design Tour AD HD (Hyper-Drive) - Time to take your game into Hyper-Drive!


  • Produced in Japan using Graphite Designs proprietary Material Stiffness Integration (MSI) design philosophy and technology.
  • Utilizes the exclusive Graphite Design FIT ‚Äì Fast Taper Technology, as well as the modern TORAYCA¬Æ M40X carbon fiber material in the mid and tip section of the shaft and the ultra-high modulus TORAYCA¬Æ T1100G carbon fiber material in the tip section, producing unrivaled shaft stability and precise ball control without the loss of the exceptional feel Graphite Design shafts are known for.
  • Designed with a firm but section, a firm center section and a firm+ tip section to promote a mid-launch and low to low/mid ball spin

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Graphite Design Tour AD HD Shaft Specifications