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Introducing Graphite Design Tour AD UB Shaft, Optimized for head performance with large and high moment of inertia.

The "TOUR AD UB" series is a shaft that directly transmits power to the ball by further utilizing the head performance of the current large size and high moment of inertia. High-strength, high-elasticity carbon fiber "Trading Card ® M40X" is used for the tip to the middle part, and "Trading Card T1100G" is used for the tip part to increase the rigidity of the tip to the middle part, thereby suppressing unnecessary movement of the head and making it stronger. Achieves a hitting impact.

The Tour AD UB features a strong impact with no energy loss that suppresses twisting of the shaft due to high rigidity and a shaft behavior that makes it easy to take timing due to the slow taper design. Trading Card® T1100G Achieves both high strength and high elastic modulus by firing technology that precisely controls the fiber structure at the nano level. Trading Card M40X Effectively demonstrates the performance of the new grade M40X of Toray's carbon fiber Trading Card MX series. Therefore, Toray specially designed the prepreg for graphite design.

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