Floor Mount Master Gripping Station-MA2016

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The most complete gripping station available. Integrated unit that allows you to grip and regrip clubs at one station, with everything you need close at hand. The ultimate gripping station for large or small shops.


  • Portable or Floor Mount Stands - Available
  • Adjustable Height - Six different adjustments
  • Optional Grip Rip - Mounts at the base of station
  • Dual Tape Dispenser - Removes tape backing and also holds build-up tape
  • Pro Lever-Action Shaft Clamp - For efficient loading and unloading
  • Rubber Coated Clamp - Safe for graphite shafts
  • Solvent Recovery Pan - Includes shutoff valve to keep solvent in pan
  • Solvent Bottle Holder - Fits Brampton Spray Bottle
  • Tape Stripper - Stays in holder on unit
  • Tape Stripping Anchor - Anchor point for butt end of shaft while stripping
  • Utility Trays - Two removable trays to hold solvent and gripping supplies. Lower tray holds gallon jug to recycle solvent. 
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