Vice Mounted Gripping Station-GGS

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Save valuable time and improve consistency of your regrips with this well-designed Gripping Station. Built to last under high-volume production, the vise mounted gripping station is compact and easy to use. The alignment bar indexes the leading edge of both right and left handed woods and irons, ensuring proper alignment. The Quick Clamp secures any diameter golf shaft and is safe to use with both graphite and steel shafts. The Vice Mounted Gripping Station (GGS) can be secured in a bench vise, mounted to The Micro Gripping Station Stand or mounted directly to a work bench. The GGS comes complete with a solvent recovery pan and two independent tape dispensers - one for double-sided tape and one for build-up tape.


  • Quick Shaft Clamp
  • Club face Alignment Bar
  • Dual Roll Tape Dispenser
  • Solvent Recovery Basin

Note: Tape, Solvent, Bench Vise and Micro Gripping Stand sold separately.