Maltby TS3 Custom Irons
Maltby TS3 Custom Irons

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Maltby TS3 Custom Irons

Maltby TS3 Custom Irons

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Maltby TS3 Custom Irons

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*Note that each components (grip, shaft, head) as well as a custom club product will be added to cart under there own line item. If you selected PUREing you will see the charge for PUREing under the custom club product.

 The Maltby TS3 Forged irons feature a diminutive but modern profile preferred by a wide range of player types. Smooth lines and a moderate top line provide the looks of a "players" club head in the playing position but provides Super Game Improvement playability. 

True Forged using a Precision 5 Step Forging process for unparalleled specification tolerances, the TS3 Forged head design features a forged 1025C carbon steel body with an internal tungsten weight co-forged low and towards the toe inside the club head. The co-forged tungsten centers the vertical center of gravity location for a more stable and playable head design. 

 To further enhance playability, the TS3 Forged irons feature a progressive cavity design that moves more mass low and towards the toe in the long irons and progresses to a more neutral position in the more lofted scoring irons and wedges. 

 TS3 Forged Iron Features: 

  • True Forged from 1025 Carbon Steel using a 5-Step Forging process creates a precision forged part for a more solid feel and extremely tight specification tolerances
  • Tungsten weight Co-Forged into the toe of the club head
  • Satin mirror nickel chrome finish
  • Three unique progressive cavity designs in the set to position weight more towards the toe and lower in the long irons and centered and slightly higher in the short irons.
  • Universal hosel design allows for both .355” taper tipped and .370” parallel tip iron shafts to be used
  • Turf friendly radiused sole design with a relieved leading edge to improves turf interaction on any type of hitting surface
  • Progressive sole widths range from .780” in the long irons to .800” in the wedges.
  • Progressive offsets range from .115” in the long irons to .090” in the wedges
  • Multi-Groove technology places more CNC milled square grooves on the face for improved consistency, trajectory and spin
  • CNC Milled face ensures face flatness for improved consistency
  • Modern lofts combined with optimal center of gravity locations optimizes ball flight trajectory and distance
  • Recommended Ferrule - 74PI
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf

Maltby TS3 Forged Iron Clubhead Specifications


MPF: 849
Finish: Satin Chrome Polish
Material: 1025 Carbon Steel
Blade Length: 3.153"
Toe Height: 2.203"
Heel Height: 1.052"
Hosel OD: .531"
Sole Width: .780"-.800"
Bore Depth: 1.355"
C.O.G.: .691"
M.O.I.: 11.7242 oz-in²


  Loft +1⁰ Lie +1⁰ Wt +3g Offset Hosel ID Bounce RH/LH
4 22⁰ 61⁰ 245 0.115" UNIV 3⁰ RH
5 25⁰ 61.5⁰ 252 0.115" UNIV 3⁰ RH
6 28⁰ 62⁰ 259 0.115" UNIV 3⁰ RH
7 32⁰ 62.5⁰ 266 0.110" UNIV 3⁰ RH
8 36⁰ 63⁰ 273 0.110" UNIV 4⁰ RH
9 40⁰ 63.5⁰ 280 0.110" UNIV 4⁰ RH
P 44⁰ 64⁰ 287 0.090" UNIV 5⁰ RH
G 48⁰ 64⁰ 289 0.090" UNIV 5⁰ RH
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