Mitsubishi Diamana ZF-Series Wood Shafts -TM

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Diamana™ ZF-Series takes the signature ‘smooth’ bend profile Diamana™ BF-Series and pushes it in just the right places. Diamana™ ZF shafts feature moderately stronger, more stable butt and tip sections with a slightly softer and more active middle section. This produces a shaft that is incredibly solid during shaft loading and unloading, and at impact, but with smoother energy transfer and easier acceleration throughout the swing. Diamana™ ZF-Series are perfect for any player looking to increase clubhead acceleration while maintaining stability and control through impact.

Like all of their Diamana™ Fourth Generation Series predecessors, Diamana™ ZF shafts owe their carefully calibrated stiffness and stability to two unique technologies: MR70 carbon fiber material, and Boron fiber. 


Shaft Name Flex Length (in) Weight (g) Tip O.D. (in) Tip Length (in) Butt O.D. (in) Torque (degrees) Kick Pt.
Diamana™ ZF-Series 60 S 46 65 0.335 3 0.606 3.8 MID/HIGH
Diamana™ ZF-Series 60 X 46 67 0.335 3 0.610 3.8 MID/HIGH