MultiTool Grinders Polishing and Grinding Station-MT0008

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The MultiTool Grinders polishing station is an all inclusive tool for iron/wedge grinding and finishing the bottoms of thru-bore metal woods. The 2" x 36" belt features a rubber contact wheel positioned well away from the motor for ample working room. The Multi Tool comes with two installed 8" sisal wheels that when coupled with the correct compounds, Trizact belts (MT0005) and Scotchbrite finishing belts (MT0006 & MT0004) will produce a factory mirror finish on those hard to polish titanium drivers and stainless irons. The 115 volt, 1 HP motor provides 3450 rpm’s of motor speed which equates to 5,400 rpm’s of belt speed. Belts change in seconds from grinding, to sand, deburr, or polish. A variety of belts are available for any type of club head finish.


  • Motor: 1 hp, 110 volt, 6 amp
  • Shaft Size (inches): 5/8
  • Belt Width (inches): 2
  • Belt Length (inches): 36
  • Belt Speed: 5400 feet per minute
  • RPM: 3450
  • Contact Wheel Diameter (inches) : 3.5
  • Platen Size (inches): 2 x 5.875
  • Disc Size (inches): 7
  • Disc Speed (rpm): 3450
  • Weight (pounds): 56
  • NOTE: Mounting hardware is not included

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