Rubber Tungsten Swingweight Tape

Rubber Tungsten Tape - 10 Pack .

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The GolfWorks new Rubber Tungsten Swingweight Tape eliminates the need for excessive amounts of lead foil tape to add weight to a golf club head. Each ½” x ½” Rubber Tungsten weight chip is equivalent to 4” of standard lead foil tape. The flexible Rubber Tungsten Tape will securely adhere and form to curved and painted surfaces. The Rubber Tungsten Tape is soft and will enhance sound and feel due to the vibration dampening qualities of the rubber compound. The special adhesive used on the back of the tape is strong enough to keep the tape chips in place during regular play but can be peeled off and re-used making this tape excellent for dialing in the desired feel of the golf club. Each ½” x ½” weight chip weighs 1 swingweight point (2 grams).


  • High Density - Each 1/2" square is equivalent in weight to 4" of standard lead foil tape
  • Vibration and sound dampening qualities.
  • Flexible
  • Re-usable
  • Safe for painted and chrome surfaces.

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