SwitchGrips Midsize SGRM+ Golf Grips

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  • Adjustable, custom counterbalancing option for increased swing speed and accuracy
  • 100% Ultra-Soft all weather compound
  • Texture pattern for increased stability and grip control
  • Simple, standard installation
  • SGR comes with one 2g weight. Other counter weight options sold separately
  • Conforms to the rules of golf
  • The Standard grips size option features a traditional Tour tapered grip profile
  • The Midsize grips features a modern Plus Size profile featuring less taper in the lower hand

Counterbalancing is all about feel!

  • Additional weight in the butt of the club alters the balance point, decreases the swing weight, and increases the overall static weight
  • It’s a control issue – lighter clubs provide less feel, while heavier clubs promote a smoother swing tempo and offer a force to push against
  • Having properly balanced clubs allows golfers to swing with a better tempo resulting in better, more consistent contact
  • The Science – Extra mass in butt end boosts the club’s overall Moment of Inertia (MOI), for a more stable feel throughout the full swing
  • SwitchGrips come with a 2-gram (non-weight) screw for players that do not prefer the feel of a counterbalanced golf club. However, additional 8, 14 and 20 gram weights are available for the customization of feel for each individual golf club
  • SwitchGrips Golf Grip Specifications