The GolfWorks Hosel Cleaning System-GW1054

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The GolfWorks new hosel cleaning system is ideal for all hosel cleaning necessities. The long stemmed industrial brushes easily clean standard hosels and the extended 4” stem length works much better on thru-bore hosels than standard hosel cleaning brushes. The brush sizes have been specifically designed for modern club head bore sizes (.335", .350" & .370") which increases the life and durability of the brushes. Soaking the industrial strength cotton swab hosel brushes in acetone or mineral spirits and inserting into the club head hosels will clean out any oil or epoxy residue that may negatively affect the new epoxy bond during assembly. All brushes are threaded and can be used with the same universal wooden handle.

GW1054 Kit: Includes Handle, 3 wire, 2 cotton brushes