Wire Hosel Cleaning Bits

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Redesigned exclusively for use with golf heads, these New and Improved Hosel Cleaning bits now feature a full 1 1/8" tip section to more effectively clean old epoxy and debris from shaft adaptors as well as iron and wood hosels. The wire bristles now extend further down shank to clean the entire hosel better and is by far the easiest way to clean out hosels. For use with all drills or hand held chucks. Cleans old epoxy and other debris out of hosels quickly and easily and prepares them for re-assembly.

It is highly recommended to use a the Hosel Cleaning bits on new aluminum OEM adaptors. The wire bristles are great at abrading the soft aluminum for better shaft adhesion.

We recommend that the hosel be cleaned out using a cotton swab dampened with clean solvent or acetone prior to installing the shaft.

NOTE: Sold individually