The GolfWorks Reshafting Kit-GW2020

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The GolfWorks Reshafting Kit provides all the tools and supplies needed to professionally and safely remove and install any graphite or steel golf shaft.

Reshafting Kit includes:

  • Vise with golf specific Vise Jaw Set that includes a gripping clamp, shaft clamp, shaft dimpler and steel shaft Lock-Tight Shaft Holder
  • Graphite Shaft Extractor
  • Heat Gun
  • Simichrome
  • Hosel Cleaning Brushes - .335" & .370"
  • Leather Gloves
  • Belt Sander/Cut Off Wheel with ferrule turning and shaft prepping belts
  • Safety Glasses
  • Ferrule Kit and Ferrule Installer
  • Golf Shaft Tip Cleaner
  • Shafting Epoxy
  • Epoxy cleaning solvent
  • 48" Club Length Ruler
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