The GolfWorks Extractor Kit-GW2023

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The GolfWorks Graphite Shaft Extractor Kit provides all the tools and supplies needed to correctly extract any intact graphite shaft, broken graphite shaft tip or OEM shaft adaptor.

Shaft Extractor Kit Includes -

  • Enhanced Graphite Shaft Extractor
  • Broken Shaft Extractor Tool - Easily remove shafts broken off at the hosel
  • OEM Adaptor Saver Kit - Remove and reuse most OEM adaptor tips
  • Heat Gun
  • Leather Gloves - Protects hands from hot material
  • Club Shield - Protects painted surfaces, composite crowns and plastic parts during heating
  • Simichrome Polish - Removes any burn marks on the metal
  • Graphite Shaft Tip Cleaner - Safely removes epoxy from inside the tip of all graphite shafts for reinstallation
  • Iron Hosel Cleaning Brush - .370"
  • Wood Hosel Cleaning Brush - .335"

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