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ATour Lock Pro+ is a revolutionary weighting technology that allows every golfer to fine tune, personalize and enhance the performance of any golf club. Testing shows that optimizing the weight of a club produces more consistently, tighter contact dispersion with the clubface, raising the “power transfer ratio” for greater distance, improved accuracy and better club head feel.

There are 11 TLP weight options from 8 to 100 grams. Each weight is interchangeable and simple to install, which makes it easy to find the optimal weight for every club in the bag; from putter to driver.

Tour Lock Pro+ weights raise the balance point of the club increasing overall club head speed while at the same time dampening unwanted vibration, producing a better feel.

Tour Lock Pro+ weights fit seamlessly into all SuperStroke golf grips with a CounterCore weight port.

Tour Lock Pro+ conforms to U.S.G.A. and R & A Rules of Golf.

Always start your Optimizations with TourLock Pro counterweights first. Installing TourLock Pro weights is the quickest, easiest and most conclusive solution to creating instant and desired results for golfers of all levels. TourLock Pro golf club counterweights are available in 12 different weights ranging from 8-grams to 100-grams. This is the largest selection of weights available and allows you to fine tune your swing in subtle increments. Each player’s swing, experience, arm strength, and unique tendencies effect how counterweighting responds, and as a result, there is important value in the ability to carefully optimize clubs using a range of weight classes. Our counterweights are also protected by four separate patents with another seven patents pending - the benefits of TourLock counterweights as used by professionals on the PGA tour are only available from TourLock Golf.

NOTE: Tour Lock Grip Modifier, Wrench and Plastic End Caps sold seperately- Click Here To Purchase