Auditor Mass Property Golf Club Scale-GM1010

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We've initiated this project on the behest of a major OEM golf club assembly house who had to painstakingly measure assembled clubs coming off the production line one at a time on three separate instruments! Needless to say, that process was time consuming and very labor intensive. This led to the development of the Auditor Mass Property Scale (MPS), a moment summation instrument that captures the moment and total weight of a golf club then correlates the center of gravity location (CG) and swing weight based on the industry standard 14" fulcrum.

Club playing length, while not an integral part of the moment summation calculation, adds an important control point to the quality control process without slowing it down. Club Length is measured using a laser beam tuned for the purpose.

The Auditor MPS is printer ready and USB enabled to facilitate SPC data collection.


  • Measures data on gripped and gripless golf clubs
  • Includes Calibration Standard to verify total weight, swing weight, center of mass and club length
  • Captures and computes mass property in one step
  • Scale suitable for all golf clubs including grip-less
  • Captures club total weight to 0.1 gram accuracy
  • Computes swing weight to 0.1 SW, A through F
  • Computes CG location of club to within 1 mm
  • Captures Club length to within 1 mm
  • Fast damping mechanism requires no settling time
  • Large LCD module provide clear data display
  • User friendly interface
  • Automatic External calibration
  • USB enabled (RS-232 Emulator)
  • Bar code printer supported Brother TD-4000
  • Data Collection Software
  • Club length measurements offered as an option using either laser sensing or our digimetrics highresolution encoder (contact measurement)
  • Voltage - 110V AC
  • Allow 3 to 4 weeks delivery