Maltby KE4 Tour TC Hybrids

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The Maltby KE4 Tour TC Hybrids offers an easier to hit replacement for those hard to hit long irons and higher lofted fairway woods.

The overall shape and volume of the KE4 TC was modeled similar to our best-selling KE4 Tour hybrids only with increased playability through improved weight distribution and progressive center of gravity locations to help produce consistent initial launch angles. Positioning internal weight further back on the 2H (17⁰) hybrid and progressively moving the weight forward on 3H (19⁰), 4H (22⁰) and 5H (25⁰) helps to provide a more consistent trajectory for improved distance control. Additionally, as with all the KE4 hybrids and wood heads, an interchangeable 4 gram weight is added deep and rearward on the sole to allow for fine tuning of swing weight, head feel and trajectory.

The KE4 TC Hybrids feature a very thin 2.4mm High Strength Steel 455 VFT Cup Face to increase ball speeds and produce a solid sound and feel. The crown of the KE4 TC Hybrids features a scalloped crown design to lower the center of gravity for improved launch conditions and increased aerodynamics. A 4 way radius sole design is very turf friendly from any type of turf condition.

Features :

  • Very thin 2.4mm HSS 455 face material for increased ball speeds
  • Progressive cg location for consistent launch angles from club to club
  • Scalloped crown design for optimized cg location
  • 1.350” face height inspires confidence and performs well in all turf conditions
  • MG (Multi-Groove) Technology improves consistency in trajectory and spin by allowing more groove edges to contact the golf ball
  • Advanced Shell Technology insures proper mass distribution for optimum performance
  • Interchangeable 4 gram weight allows for multiple playing lengths and shaft weights
  • Excellent sound and feel
  • Cosmetically improved T-25 screw head compatible with Triangle Wrench and Triangle Weight Screws
  • Free Head Cover included
  • Recommended Ferrule – 60PI
  • Note: This is a club head only and not an assembled golf club
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